Friday, September 26, 2003

You willl all be pleased and relieved to hear that the swelling from the wasp's sting has subsided, though one of my ears (right) appears to be slightly lower than the other (left!), whether this condition was preexisting or not, I cannot say.
"As we Christopher Lee fans can attest, there's something hugely satisfying about seeing regal English snobs with perfect enunciation hiss through bared fangs while drooling blood. It clarifies so much about Great Britain's role in world history."

Cameron Diaz and Co. in Charlie's Angel's, Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, Carrie Moss in The Matrix movies, what's-her-name who plays Lara Croft, all of it video-game inspired crap masquerading a girl-empowerment propaganda. As if this bunch of emaciated rich white girls could hit anybody hard enough to cause a bad bruise. Mia Hamm could probably kick all their asses in five minutes flat. We all know it's bullshit and that's why it's so damaging, it's guys picking the one area they know they have some kind of superiority in most of the time (physical strength) and tossing out shaggy-dog shit that doesn't make them feel insecure. Why don't you see movies with something that could really happen, like where the women outsmart men without the help of a man? If I remember correctly Lara Croft needed a guy to do all the hard computer stuff for her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I got stung in the head by a wasp yeterday, as if I needed further proof that my hair is thinning out on top. Anyway, now I have a scab and one of my ears is out of alignment. I'm telling you this as a service, so that the minor tribulations of your little lives can be put in perspective against the monumental suffering of a truly sensitive artist.
"All along, Kerry envisioned that the Establishment would embrace him as a safe and sane alternative to fiery insurgent Howard Dean of Vermont."
So Howard Dean is unsafe and insane?

Monday, September 22, 2003

Wes Clarke, the Democrat's Colin Powell: reasonable, articulate and yet man enough to put on a uniform and get wounded. He's supported, apparently, mainly by people who in 2003 still have the capacity to worship politicians. Hmmm.

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