Saturday, August 02, 2003

I have intention of turning this page into another Kobewatch, but I have to ask, why shouldn't the name of the accuser be made public, her picture shown? Did Katelyn Faber see in Kobe Bryant another Mike Tyson? A potential settlement jackpot just waiting for the right woman to make the pick-up? Is there a woman on planet earth dumb enough to find herself alone in a hotel room with a man, let alone a pro-athlete, unless she intends to have sex? Am I being unreasonable?
On a white man smoking looks cool and dangerous, take Bruce Willis in Die Hard, if that movie didn't start a whole generation of men smoking nothing else on earth could. Cigarette smoke to John Maclaine was like food, like love. On a black guy it looks coarse and desperate. A black man exhaling smoke, on film or anywhere else, looks desperate, like someone with little to live for. Mind you, it does make you look tougher, more thuggish, maybe that's the idea, the 50 Cent cancer stick makeover.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I'm not a Kobe Bryant fan, I don't like wunderkinds, and I don't like overhyped superstars but it's just way too easy to destroy someone's reputation without consequences to yourself. I don't know whether Ms Faber is lying or not but there seems to very a very good (better than usual) chance that she is, so why shouldn't she face the glare of public scrutiny?

Sunday, July 27, 2003

The accuser?
Katelyn Faber.
Katelyn Faber
Kate Faber?

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