Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I no longer give a shit.

To all the semi-educated salary men, the pompous, puffed-up office politicians, the snide social-climbers, I say fuck you and your SUVs, fuck you and your expensive cell-phones, your aspirations to mediocrity and long-term obscurity, your gray ambitions, your big cold houses, your loudmouth children, your frigid and frustrated wives, your paid-for pussy, your Saturdays and Friday evenings. You are losers, your lives desperate and ugly. This is not a statement of hatred, rather of my absolute dismissal of you as creatures fit for any decent human being to live among.
Fire me.
I no longer want to work among you. I find your presence in my memory objectionable, the fact that I might one day see you in the street (most likely I will be on foot and you in a car) and recognize you, that yes, I have seen that person before, I find deeply offensive. You have no recognizable value to the human race, and none to me. Your deaths, should I be around when they occur will be like small and distant farts.

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